Retain Your Ticket

April 2, 2016

Supporters are reminded that it is only possible to collect a 50/50 prize with the relevant ticket.

Please do not dispose of your ticket until you are certain the prizes have all been claimed.



Steve Howard of Downend is seen here collecting his winning prize of £1,580 at 199 Two Mile Hill Road on Tuesday 29th March 2016.


On Friday 25th March 2016 at the Cambridge United fixture there was some confusion.

The winning ticket number was 42957.

However, it was announced correctly at first but then in error the number was given as 42597.

This was only discovered at the end of the match when the checking process took place.

In the absence of a first prize winner we checked and identified that we had made an error.




Our apologies for this error, and a special apology if you had ticket number 42597.

Fortunately, Steve Howard heard the first correctly announced winning number and retained his ticket.

He was then able to collect his £1,580 first prize on Tuesday 29th March 2016.



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