York City Winners

May 3, 2016

York City BeamBack 50/50.


Saturday 30th April 2016.

Exactly 200 tickets were sold in the Clubhouse Bars on Saturday at the YCFC Beam Back.

The winning ticket number was 60125.

The £100 prize was claimed at the event by Jean Drake of Kingswood.

The winning ticket was drawn by 10 year-old Dominic Stuckey.

In the West Stand Hospitality area the prize of £93.50 was won by Alan Courtenay-Smith  of Kingswood.

In the Dribuild draw the winners were Steve Smith and Ben Spokes.

Steve Smith from Hanham won £35.50 with ticket number 60524.

Meanwhile, £12 was won by Ben Spokes of Bristol with ticket number 60663.

Many thanks to those who sold the tickets and a big thank you to those who bought them.

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