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May 10, 2016

Over the next few days will be posted some of rounds of the recent BRSC Quiz.

Here is Round Two.


Round 2. Arts and Crafts

1. What is calligraphy?

2. What is the literal meaning of the word crochet?

3. In which country did the plastic construction toy Lego originate?

4. Paul Cézanne, Edgar Degas and Claude Monet were leading figures in which art movement?

5. Name the drawing toy with cog-wheels and gears punctured with holes for a ball point pen?

6. Which town in SE England gives its name to a form of decoratively inlaid woodwork, typically in the form of boxes?

7. What name is given to the practice of creating models by folding paper?

8. Name the purplish semi-precious stone mined in the High Peak, Derbyshire, used in jewellery and ornaments?

9. What name is given to the rigid material made of plant stalks, branches or shoots formed by a kind of weaving?

10. What is scrimshaw?

(Here are the Answers to Round One.)


Round 1. General Knowledge

1. What is the capital city of Slovakia?


2. Where would you wear an epaulette?

On your shoulder

3. Nitrogen is N, Barium is Ba but what is the chemical symbol for Chromium?


4. Which island is shared by Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia?


5. What colour is Piccadilly on the Monopoly Board?


6. What does a phillumenist collect?

Matchboxes (Matchbox labels, Matchbooks etc)

7. What stretch of water separates Saudi Arabia from Sudan?

The Red Sea

8. What is held annually in London in Ranelagh Gardens, SW3?

Chelsea Flower Show

9. Which animals are attacked by the disease Scrapie?

Sheep / Goats

10. Which king was the last emperor of India?

George VI 

(Round Three and the Answers to Round Two will be posted tomorrow.)

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