The Year 2015

May 12, 2016

Over the next few days will be posted some of the rounds of the recent BRSC Quiz.

Here is Round Four.


Round 4. The Year 2015

1. Why should all Gasheads remember the birthday of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge?

2. Killed by a drone strike in 2015, how was Mohammed Emwazi usually referred to in the UK press?

3. On the 21st December 2015 Cardiff celebrated the 60th anniversary of what occasion?

4. Five people were badly hurt on an Alton Towers ride in June. What was the name of the rollercoaster they were riding?

5. The Met Office began naming storms in 2015, what was the first one in November?

6. Which British bridge was given Unesco World Heritage Site status in July?

7. For what reason did Andreas Lubitz make world news in 2015 ?

8. Which horse won the 2015 Grand National?

9. Which best-selling British-born author who later became a US citizen, and whose books have sold more than 500 million copies, died in September?

10. Wembley 2015. We all know who took the last penalty but who took the Gas’s first spot kick?

(Here are the Answers to Round Three.)

Round 3. Sport & Leisure



1. Name the golfer who has just won the US Masters in Augusta?

Danny Willett

2. Football – who is England‘s highest ever goal-scorer?

Wayne Rooney

3. What sort of fighting was banned from 1848 in the UK?

Cock fighting

4. Karren Brady‘s footballer husband was an international for which country?

Canada (Paul Peschisolido)

5. Which jockey has the unusual first name Lanfranco?

Frankie Dettori

6. Which club play their home matches at the Forthbank Stadium?

Stirling Albion or Stirling University

7. Who broke the world pole vault record 17 times in his athletics career which stood for 20 years?

Sergey Bubka 

8. Which former Bristol Rovers player also played for Arsenal, Blackpool, Southampton and Everton?

Alan Ball

9. Cricket – only four counties have never one the wooden spoon. Middlesex and Surrey are tow, name either of the others.

Lancashire / Worcestershire

10. Which Welsh footballer said “Living in Italy is like living in a foreign country“; although in his autobiography he denied it and said it was a joke made up by Kenny Dalglish.?

Ian Rush 

(Round Five and The Answers to Round Four will be posted tomorrow.)

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