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May 14, 2016

Over the next few days will be posted some of the rounds of the recent BRSC Quiz.

Here is Round Seven.


Round 7. General Knowledge

1. What was the name of Dick Turpin‘s horse?

2. PADI is the training course to qualify as an instructor in what?

3. What colour are the stars on the national flag of China?

4. On a dartboard what number is opposite 9?

5. What fruit is used to make kirsch?

6. In which month is Michaelmas Day?

7. Niagara Falls consist of two main waterfalls, the Horseshoe Falls is one, what is the other?

8. Rank these pencils from softest to hardest – HB; F; and H?

9. What is the smallest living unit called?

10. Where did Ben Needham mysteriously disappear in 1991?

(Here are the Answers to Round Five.)

Round 5. Way out Bristol!


If you left Bristol on the following roads what would be the first place outside the city boundary you reach?

1. A420?

Kingswood (Chippenham Road)

 2. A37?

Whitchurch (Wells Road)

 3. A4?

Keynsham (Avonmouth – Bath)

4. A432?

Downend (Fishponds Road)

 5. B3129?

Leigh Woods (crosses Clifton Suspension Bridge and on to Flax Bourton)

 6. A403?

Severn Beach (Avonmouth to Aust)

 7. A431?

Hanham (Upper Bristol Road to Bath)

 8. B4465?

Staple Hill (Easton to Tormarton, via Pucklechurch)

 9. B4056?

Filton (Henleaze to Filton, Southmead Road)

 10. B4058?

Frenchay (Eastville Stadium to Nailsworth)

(Round Eight and The Answers to Round Seven will be posted tomorrow.)

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