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May 18, 2016

This is the last round of the recent BRSC Quiz.

Here is Round Six.


(The answers can be found at the bottom of the post.)



(Here are the Answers to Round Ten.)


Round 10. Utter Trivia

1. Who are Renegade and Renaissance to the American Secret Service?

Barack and Michelle Obama

 2. Which vegetable was the first to be canned?


 3. What is Cryptozoology?

The search or study of animals not yet proven to exist (e.g. Yeti, or Loch Ness Monster)

 4. Early explorers described what creatures as having deer-like heads, standing like men and hopping like frogs?


 5. What is the most times a piece of paper can be folded in half?


6. Prior to the invention of rubber erasers what foodstuff was used to erase pencil marks?


7. The two words “Jesus Wept“ is the shortest verse in the bible – True of False?

True (John – Chapter 11, verse 35)

8. According to a study, how long on average can women keep a secret?

2 days (47 hours 15 minutes)

9. At what age do most people start to shrink in height, 30, 40, 50 or 60?


 10. What is the world constipation record measured in days to the nearest 5?

100 (102 – although an unsubstantiated figure of 368 days is also quoted)

(Here are the Answers to Round Six.)

Round 6. Picture Round

1. Robin Thicke

2. Clifton Down Observatory, Bristol

 3. Gregory’s Girl

4. Bath City

5. Cracker

6. Margaret Court

7. (Burj Khalifa) Dubai

8. Harry Pell

9. Frazier

10. Fratton Park, Portsmouth FC

(That now completes the recent BRSC General Knowledge Quiz. How did you do?)


Any score above 50 overall is a creditable total for a team of six.

If you score 60 or more as a team you should definitely join the next quiz.

A score of 70 plus would be tremendous.

Scoring over 80 as a team would put you comfortably in the lead.

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