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May 29, 2016

Are you a programme collector?

Programme Monthly

If you are you might be interested in this information about 2015/16 Award Winners.

A further set of 2015/16 Programme Awards are now available from the Soccer Club Swap Shop.

They believe the BEST PROGRAMMES of the 2015/16 SEASON are:-

Top 15


1st – Leicester City, 2nd – Shrewsbury Town, 3rd – Stoke City, 4th – Chesterfield, 5th – QPR,

6th – Burnley, 7th – Barnet, 8th – Doncaster Rovers, 9th – Mansfield Town, 10th – Sunderland,

11th – Watford, 12th – Newport County, 13th – Bournemouth, 14th – Wigan Athletic, 15th – Brighton.


1st – Leicester City, 2nd – Stoke City, and 3rd – Sunderland.


1st – Queens Park Rangers, 2nd – Burnley, and 3rd – Brighton & Hove Albion.

Division One

1st – Shrewsbury Town, 2nd – Chesterfield, and 3rd – Wigan Athletic.

Division Two

1st – Barnet, 2nd – Mansfield Town, and 3rd – Newport County.


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Meanwhile, the WINNERS of the Programme Monthly & football Collectables Awards were previously given.

Programme Monthly & Football Collectable 2015/16 Programme Of The Season.



Premier League

The winner this season is Stoke City. Congratulations to runners-up Sunderland and West Bromwich Albion.

Best Design award goes to Bournemouth. The runner-up is Watford.

Best Feature award goes to Crystal Palace.  The runner-up Newcastle United.


The winner this season is Fulham. Congratulations go to the runners-up Burnley and Charlton.

Best design award goes to Hull City. The runner-up is Preston North End.

Best feature award goes to Birmingham City. The runner-up is Queens Park Rangers.

League One

Congratulations to Scunthorpe United. The runners-up are Chesterfield and Shrewsbury Town.

Best design award goes to Millwall. The runner-up is Scunthorpe United.

Best feature award goes to Shrewsbury Town. The runner-up is Rochdale.

League Two

The winner is Plymouth Argyle. Well done to the runners-up Barnet and Luton Town.

Best design award goes to Oxford United. The runner-up is Portsmouth.

Best feature award goes to Plymouth Argyle. The runner-up is Mansfield Town.


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