10th June Bowls Event

June 3, 2016

Bristol Rovers supporters might be interested in this special celebration.

Are you keen on Bowls and free to participate on Friday 10th June 2016?

It is being organised by Bob Bradshaw, the Hon. Sec. of Ardagh Bowls Club.

If you are keen to get involved all the contact details are contained below.

Triple Celebration of Ardagh and the Queen’s 90th and the Rovers Success

Friday June 10th 6.00pm for 6.30pm

Tournament open to all those who wish to represent the Rovers side.

Ladies and Men.  They don’t have to be members of the Supporters Club.

Please send names by e-mail to [email protected] or Tel: 0117 9684 076

Or through your club secretaries.

Give name, club and position preferred and e-mail or Tel. contact.

Selection sheet will be sent back to all club secretaries in good time before the match.

We are trying to secure sufficient blue and white quarter shirts.

If able please supply your own.

 All are welcome to support the teams and enjoy the evening with BBQ and Jazz Band.

And the bar will be open with Abbey Ales.

There may be some ex Rovers Players there.

And we might have “Goodnight Irene!”

Many Thanks,

Bob Bradshaw  Ardagh Hon. Sec.

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