Use Of 50/50 Funds

June 5, 2016

Bristol Rovers FC Youth Academy are the beneficiaries of the 50/50 Half Time Raffle.


Bristol Rovers Supporters Club raise substantial funds for the BRFC Youth Academy.

What do you think the target(s) for the use of the 50/50 funds raised by the Supporters Club should be?

Please let us know your views:-

♠ Should it go towards the provision of new kit for all the sides?

♠ Should it be allocated for the provision of new training equipment?

♠ Should the funds go to cover end-of-season international tournaments?

♠ Should it be directed towards a new or an additional large size minibus?

♠ How should it be utilised in the near future/long term?

To recall how the funds have been directed in the last two seasons:- CLICK HERE

Discussions will be taking place in the near future over the use of 50/50 funds raised in the 2016/17 season.

When these are agreed we will publicise them on the website as normal.

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