Season Tickets

June 27, 2016

How many Season Tickets  are other clubs in League One selling?


The figures quoted below are the last totals officially announced by the relevant clubs.

Some of the figures are up to 10 days old so there may have been some significant increases.

Surprisingly, some sides like Charlton Athletic had an April Early Bird Deadline.

Other clubs such as Bolton Wanderers have still to reach their Early Bird Deadline.

Some interesting totals include:-

BOLTON WANDERERS – Over 9,000. (This is far fewer than in recent years.)

BRADFORD CITY – Over 8,000. (Apart from the 2012/13 season this is a typical level.)

BRISTOL ROVERS – Nearly 5,000. (Last BRFCSLO update was 4,732 on 13/06.)

COVENTRY CITY – Nearly 5,000. (This is far fewer than the years up to 2013.)

OXFORD UNITED – Over 3,000. (This is less than in the 2011-2014 seasons.)

SHEFFIELD UNITED – Over 13,000. (This is similar to the 2015/16 season.)


Some clubs are now looking to introduce Half Season Tickets and Membership Card Tickets.

Others will continue to sell Season Tickets at the higher level of prices for several more weeks.

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