Gas – Gas – Gas

July 5, 2016

Huh – Huh – Huh

Will there be a slow hand clap along with the distinctive chant of  Gas – Gas – Gas this season?

What is the Icelandic supporters chant all about?

When did it first happen?

Where did it originate?

Supporters clap and shout in unison, start off slow and gradually build the pace until a wall of noise is heard.

Some suggest the chant sounds like it came from the Vikings and some reckon it is centuries old.

Others claim it did not originate in Iceland but actually comes from the Scottish Premier League.

Did Motherwell supporters use the fearsome chant first?

Was this then picked up by Icelandic side Stjarnan?

The two teams met in the qualifying rounds of the Europa League in 2014.

The Icelandic supporters then supposedly took the chant to the national side.

It is very intimidating when heard so loudly in the cauldron of a football stadium.

It is similar to the New Zealand rugby team’s Haka with their captain at the front.



There is a special bond between the players and their fans and the chant is part of that.

It is called the “Huh” and involves the guttural-sounding title over and over in an effort to terrify opponents.

The “Huh” was also echoed through the streets of Reykjavik on Monday 4th July 2016.

Nine-tenths of the 320,000 Icelandic population that stayed home joined in the celebrations.

Some YouTube clips below.

The chant unites fans, intimidates opponents and creates bonds between players and supporters.







Gas – Gas – Gas

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