Borrowed Kit

July 30, 2016

Which EFL Division One clubs might want to borrow the Bristol Rovers AWAY kit in 2016/17?


The Yellow AWAY kit for Bristol Rovers may get used at The Memorial Stadium during the 2016/17 Season. By whom though?

The answer should be none.

However, it is becoming an unwelcome “tradition” that every two or three years some club wears our spare kit.

Who can remember the names of the clubs who have borrowed our kit for a match at The Memorial Stadium?

Who can recall the specific occasions on which we have played a league club who wore our spare kit?

The most likely “borrowers” this season are Chesterfield and Oldham Athletic.

If you look at the images below of their first and second kits it is easy to understand the possible problems.


The Chesterfield 2016/17 Season FIRST Kit.


The Chesterfield 2016/17 Season SECOND Kit.


The Oldham Athletic 2016/17 Season FIRST Kit.


The Oldham Athletic 2016/17 Season SECOND Kit.

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