Feedback Appreciated

August 1, 2016

Your views are very welcome.


During May and June we asked for your comments, concerns and compliments.

We received some valuable feedback and are now seeking to improve our provision.

We would particularly like to thank Darren S, Richard H, Geoff H, Peter P, Mark C, Tom M, Wayne H and Rob W.

The feedback we received from these and others was mixed and we will attempt to do better in the future.

Please feel free to contact us at any time throughout the season ahead if you wish to do so.

An easy and straightforward way to get in touch is:- CONTACT US HERE

Without your feedback we cannot move forward or improve the quality or range of our provision for you.

Following the feedback we discussed at our Executive Committee meetings the issues members raised.

Among the issues we asked for feedback from members there were:-

1. Your views on the BRSC Website and the use of Social Media by BRSC:- CLICK HERE

2. Your suggestions for content to be included in the BRSC Annual August Magazine:- CLICK HERE

3. Your thoughts about the use of 50/50 funds raised in the near future:- CLICK HERE

4. Your opinion on ways in which we might improve the 50/50 Match Day Raffle:- CLICK HERE

5. Your ideas for improving the Away Travel Service run by the BRSC:- CLICK HERE

6. In a further post we enquired if you might want to become more actively involved:- CLICK HERE

Among the changes are a number of ideas which are currently being discussed with others.

We are hoping that the consultation over these issues will be completed in the coming month.

One thing we have amended is the  earlier departure time of the AWAY Travel coaches this season.

Another idea we are keen upon is the setting of more tangible targets for future fund-raising.

We have also made some small changes to Issue 45 of the BRSC Newsletter, such as Parking Provision.

We are contemplating making some further changes to the Annual Newsletter in future seasons.

Your copy of Issue 45 of The Supporters Club News should be dropping through your door very soon.

Please contact us about the publication if you have any thoughts about its merits and value.

We realise that there are aspects of the work of the supporters club that can be improved.

On the other hand, we are also grateful for the positive feedback about some of our provision.

If you ever wish to contact us an easy and straightforward way is:- CONTACT US HERE

Many thanks to all those members who took the time to get in touch during the review process.

We hope that we can continue to progress and continue to support the membership and Bristol Rovers FC.

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