Director Report Two

September 8, 2016

 The BRSC AGM is on Thursday 6th October 2016.

This Director’s report by Brian Seymour-Smith is part of Item 6 from the Agenda of that meeting.

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Brian Seymour-Smith Directors Report

AGM October 2016

How fortunes in football can change. This time two years ago, we were talking about life in the Conference with all the doom and gloom this incorporated. Yet here we are now, back in League One, with all the optimism which follows.

I share Ken’s evaluation of the reasons behind this success and I would also personally thank everyone both past and present, including the former board, the current board, staff, volunteers and supporters who have worked so hard in recent years to enable this fantastic transformation to come about.

As part of that transformation, I’m sure by now you will have read the Supporters Club statement which details precisely the new relationship and direction between the current board and the Fans Directors and Supporters Club.

As you will hear at the AGM, a new Supporters Club panel consisting of the Chairman of the Football Club, Fans Directors and individual Supporters Club members with particular skills, will now be meeting to offer their talents and suggestions on ways in which supporter’s needs and requirements can be put forward and if practical, can be met. This could be anything from marketing, communication, ticketing, matchday experience, disabled facilities and so on. This I very much welcome. Discussions are taking place at the Supporters Club Executive as to how this group will be made up and how it will be chosen. One thing for certain in my opinion, it should not become an elite or a talking shop group – but one which delivers.

It will be vital that this new group has a means of communication which is open and transparent, where outcomes can be reported back to fans. This will include the ever improving Supporters Club website, via the Football Club, twitter, Open Forums and Fans Forums, as well as word of mouth.

As you will be aware, like Ken, I have always tried to make myself available on matchdays to answer questions and give answers where possible. I continue to receive lots of requests to personal issues via my email or twitter accounts ([email protected] or @BriSeymourSmith) or by personal contact. I would personally like to thank staff at the Football Club and the Supporters Club in the way these issues have been dealt with – where and if possible.

Without doubt, as we look to the future, to me the greatest obstacle our club faces is trying to maintain a high level of professionalism of service in an old and decrepit stadium. In particular, I refer to the disabled facilities which are well below par.

To me, our disabled supporters are perhaps the greatest losers of any delays when it comes to moving to a new stadium. I am inundated by requests for parking and viewing opportunities, all of which are massively limited because of the facilities in which we currently operate. I would personally like to thank the Football Club for the efforts they go to try to cope in these very difficult circumstances. The irony is, the more successful the club becomes, so the problem exacerbates.

My promise is I shall personally continue to do all I can to help disabled supporters and I know that goes for Ken, the Football Club and the Supporters Club as well. However, the biggest contribution will be the building of a brand new all-purpose stadium where facilities are already incorporated.

Finally, I shall also be seeking to bring back the regular visits by former players. This popular programme became lost as our fortunes plummeted in recent seasons. I now hope we can work with the Football Club and Supporters Club via the new committee to put together a programme where fans offer suggestions and approaches made to invite former players to matches and meet supporters in the Supporters Club bar after the game.

What a journey it has been. We have come a long way in a short time but there is still a very long way to go. With your help and support I know this incredible journey will continue.

My sincere thanks to you all.

Brian Seymour-Smith


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