R.I.P. Ron Batt

November 5, 2016


It was with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of former Supporters Club stalwart Ron Batt at the age of 85. Ron was of course a predecessor of mine having been Chairman of the club for several years up until we left Eastville for Twerton Park back in 1986 and I was by then serving under him as Secretary.

I know that (literally) ground-breaking move must have disappointed Ron as much as it did the rest of us but he carried on loyally supporting the Rovers from the stands and was a happy man when we returned to Bristol a decade later.

Ron was I believe an original member of Eric Godfrey’s founding Committee way back in 1957 and served as the Travel Organiser and Coach Steward and it was as such that I first met him. He took his duties very seriously and was always the target of much ‘banter’, especially from the back seat of Wessex Coach number 1. He took this all in good part giving as much as he received from the ‘hecklers’ who actually loved him to bits!

His favourite announcement as he counted us back on board from the many stops that were made, (no motorways and no toilets on coaches then), was ‘hands up all those who are not here so that I know who’s missing’. That was always greeted with much jeering which Ron appreciated!

He famously organised the Dan-Air plane from the old Whitchurch Airport that took a party of fans to Copenhagen for Geoff Bradford’s solitary England International appearance.

In his later years Ron always used to visit the Supporters Club’s match-day cabin before every game and it was nice to exchange a few words with him about the state of the team and the club that he loved so dearly. I will miss Ron as he was such a big link for me firstly in my own growing support of the Rovers and latterly on the Committee that he both served and Chaired with such loyalty over his lifetime.

R.I.P. Ron, you deserve all the credit and respect that our great club bestows on you today. Our condolences go to all your family and friends of a really nice bloke who just loved the Rovers.

Jim Chappell.

BRSC Chair.

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