UWE Site Flyover

November 11, 2016

Some Bristol Rovers supporters might be interested in parts of this flyover.

The local primary school in Cheswick produced this video in April 2016.

It shows the “UWE Stadium” site from a perspective not seen by many.

Go to 25-29 seconds, 1 min 17 seconds – 1 min 21 seconds, and 2 min 3 seconds – 2 min 6 seconds.

In the foreground of the stadium site you can identify the Cheswick Bus Only link.

You will see the HP site and the UWE Frenchay Campus in the background.

The “temporary” car park constructed for the UWE building contactors was not built.

This rough surface car park is located on the far right of the open fields you can see.

The view of the drone is from the South looking North towards the MOD Abbey Wood roundabout.

The new housing and shopping square surrounding the school is known as Cheswick.


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