BRSC Quiz Round 2

December 24, 2016



Did you miss the BRSC General Knowledge Quiz on Tuesday 24th November 2016?

Over the Festive Season the 10 Rounds from that quiz set by Phil Draper will be posted on here.

If you enjoy doing these questions why not join us for the next quiz in February 2017.

The Answers to Round Two and Round Three Questions will be found on the website in 24 hours time.


Round 2. Greek Mythology

(1). Who was the King of the Gods?

(2). Who was the Goddess of beauty, love, desire, and pleasure?

(3). Artemis, goddess of the hunt, had a twin brother. Who was he?

(4). How was the underworld of the dead known?

(5). The Romans called him Mercury, what did the Greeks call him?

(6). Who slayed the Minotaur?

(7). Who had venomous snakes instead of hair?

(8). Who went into the underworld to rescue Eurydice?

(9). Where was the home of the gods?

(10). What was the name of the winged white horse sired by Poseidon?


Round 1. General Knowledge ANSWERS

  1. What does a ‘spelunker’ do?

Explores Caves

  1. Who was Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister?

Ramsay MacDonald

  1. When is Bastille day celebrated?

14th July

  1. Which is the longest mountain range in the world?

The Andes

  1. What are the two ingredients in a Rusty Nail cocktail?

Whiskey & Drambuie

  1. What colour is the Mr Men character Mr Happy?


  1. Where is the Royal Navy Officer Training School?

(Britannia College) Dartmouth

  1. Introduced in New York in 1950 what was the first credit card?

Diners Club

  1. What is the name of the hooked staff carried by a bishop?

A crozier

  1. What type of fruit would you pick from a Mirabelle tree?


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