BRSC Quiz Round 4

December 26, 2016



Did you miss the BRSC General Knowledge Quiz on Tuesday 24th November 2016?

Over the Festive Season the 10 Rounds from that quiz set by Phil Draper will be posted on here.

If you enjoy doing these questions why not join us for the next quiz in February 2017.

The Answers to Round Four and Round Five Questions will be found on the website in 24 hours time.


Round 4. Cartoons and Comic Strips

(1). What nationality is Tin-tin’s creator Hergé?

(2). Which male cartoon character had pets, Dino and Baby Puss; the latter usually seen thrown out of the house?

(3). Name the dog who plays the title role in a comic strip first published in the Daily Mail in 1963?

(4). Who produced the Tom and Jerry cartoons until 1956?

(5). Name cartoon series created by Seth MacFarlane centred on the Griffin family and their dog Brian.

(6). Which comic strip is called “Radishes” in Denmark?

(7). Which near-sighted cartoon character had the first name Quincy?

(8). Who refers to his wife as Pet and has neighbours called Chalkie & Ruby White in a popular cartoon strip?

(9). Set in Colorado, this series features the odd adventures of four boys Stan Kyle Eric and Kenny?

(10). Who is the most effectual, intellectual, the boss, the pip, the championship?

Round 3. Sport & Leisure ANSWERS

1. At which ski resort would you see the Cresta Run?

St Moritz

2. What is the record number of goals scored in a single Football League match?

17 (Tranmere 13 Oldham 4)

3. What was boxer Barry McGuigan’s weight division?


4. Which comedian supports Charlton Athletic despite having been a director of AFC Bournemouth?

Jim Davidson

5. Which is the only country not to win a gold medal when hosting the summer Olympic games


6. Which team was the first to score a ‘Golden Goal’ in the soccer World Cup Finals?

France (Laurent Blanc v Paraguay)

7. Which tennis player was stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan while playing in Hamburg 1993?

Monica Seles

8. Which club plays at the Bet 365 Stadium?

Stoke City

9. By what name was world champion boxer Walker Smith better known?

Sugar Ray Robinson

10. Which player has played for Plymouth, Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Stevenage, Bristol Rovers and Sunderland?

Peter Hartley


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