BRSC Quiz Round 8

December 30, 2016


Did you miss the BRSC General Knowledge Quiz on Tuesday 24th November 2016?

Over the Festive Season the 10 Rounds from that quiz set by Phil Draper will be posted on here.

If you enjoy doing these questions why not join us for the next quiz in February 2017.

The Answers to Round Eight and Round Nine Questions will be found on the website in 24 hours time.


Round 8. Television & Film

1. Who directed the film ‘Alien’?

2. What is the fictional brewery associated with the Rovers Return pub in TV’s Coronation Street?

3. What famous landmark was moulded in gold during a bullion robbery in the 1951 film The Lavender Hill Mob?

4. In Rosemary & Thyme what is the occupation of the two amateur detectives?

5. What film was the first sequel to win a Best Picture Oscar?

6. This series starred Suranne Jones as a GP who discovered her husband has been having an affair. Name it?

7. Which American film about an Iraq War Explosive Ordinance Disposal team won best picture Oscar in 2010?

8. Name the series featuring the Michael family, the Saddiqui family and the Tapper family?

9. The Academy Awards or Oscars have seen many presenters. Who has presented the show the most times?

10.Which TV Channel shows the series Air Crash Investigations first in the UK?


Round 7. General Knowledge ANSWERS

1.  What is a baby seal called?


2.  In the human body what is Varicella commonly known as?


3.  In which ocean are the Cape Verde Islands?


4.  The headquarters of Greenpeace is in which European city?


5.  Which MP was killed by an INLA terrorist bomb in the House of Commons car park in 1979?

Airey Neave

6.  With what is Earl Grey tea flavoured?


7. What type of creature is a Bonito?


8. P&O, the shipping line, stands for what?

Peninsular and Oriental

9. What is the main vegetable ingredient in the dish Borsht?


10. What colour is the gemstone garnet?

(Dark) Red

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