Safety Statement

April 28, 2017

Safety Statement by Dave Parker, Bristol Rovers FC Safety Officer.

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The following advice is for fans attending Sunday’s fixture at the Memorial Stadium against Millwall.

‘Please can I remind everyone attending the match on Sunday that there will be a strict search regime. This is for everyone’s safety and to provide reassurance for fans especially in light of the recent terrorist related issues in the Greater London area over the last few days.¬†

However please be reassured that BRFC are in contact with the police and there has been no intelligence forthcoming about a threat to the match. 

Can I ask for your patience and also suggest that you do not bring bags unless you need to do so as these type of searches tend to take longer.

Lastly, a gentle reminder that the team wish to do a lap of appreciation¬†post match but clearly can also do so if it is safe, so please do not come on to the pitch. It may appear to be fun but would ruin it for the players and Darrell who have richly entertained us all this season as well as the rest of our supporters. It could also cost the club via a fine and a points deduction which would also hit the club in the pocket.’

‘Enjoy the game!”

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