Quiz Night: Rounds 5&7

September 22, 2017

Here are the rounds 5 and 7 of our Quiz Night for you to have a go at.

Round 5. The County of Avon

1. In what year did the county of Avon come into being?

2. And in what year was the county abolished?

3. Who now uses the 18-storey former HQ?

4. What was the name of the district in which the towns of Keynsham and Midsomer Norton were situated?

5. Which two districts were merged to form the present South Gloucestershire Unitary Authority?

6. The county name is still used by two public bodies created along with the county – which?

7. By what name was the area known which is now North Somerset UA?

8. How many Lord Lieutenants of Avon were there during the life of the county?

9. Where is Avon’s only World Heritage Site, created in 1987?

10. Avon County Council worked with which organisation to create the first cycleway in the UK, the Bristol to Bath Railway Path

Round 7. General Knowledge

1. The beaver is the national animal of which country?

2. At which town did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp?

3. If cats are feline, what are sheep?

4. Spell the word (meaning worn-out/ruined): Decrepit?

5. What was Lancelot Brown famous for designing?

6. In which 1979 film was the spaceship called Nostromo?

7. What was the name of the Benedictine monk who legend has it invented Champagne?

8. What is infant whale commonly called?

9. What does a numismatist study or collect?

10.Where was British General Charles Gordon killed?



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