Alex Hinder, head of Academy recruitment

November 9, 2017

Continuing our look at the people behind our Academy.

Bristol Rovers Supporters Club are very proud to be sponsors of the Academy which we are able to do through the astonishing success of the 50/50 draw.

Alex has been with the club since 2002 and has been in the role of Head of Academy Recruitment since 2005, he has developed the recruitment set up that brings in the best players from the Bristol and surrounding areas.  This is an essential part of the academy process that has helped achieve a consistent flow of players into the first team, that currently boasts 12 players in the squad that have come through our academy.

Alex is a highly valued member of the academy management team who also holds key responsibilities for the welfare of all players in the academy.  He lives in Bristol and has an extensive knowledge of the local football scene.

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