A bid on the side

November 19, 2017

Today we feature a couple of shirts from around 2007.

Item 1. J.P. Trophy 2007 celebration shirt.

This T-shirt is size XL, is dark blue with white parts on the sleeves. It was obviously produced to be worn at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. This will serve as a great reminder for someone of that wonderful day in the Welsh capital.

Item 2. Multi signed home shirt.

This Errea home shirt is I believe from 2007-08 (though not 100% sure). It has been signed by around 15 players. I have never collected signatures and must admit that I can’t recognise any of them. Maybe you can do better than me. This is a big shirt, it is size XXXL

Both of these items have been auctioned on Ebay since Thursday the 16th of November and will be available for 10 days. The minimum price is just 99 pence each item and the highest bidder wins.

Links to all both auctions will be found at http://bristolroversmemorabilia.weebly.com/

If any other Rovers fans have any rare or interesting Rovers related items that they would be happy to donate, please pass the item(s) on to 199 Two Mile Hill Road, or pop in to the Supporters Club matchday shop in the car park by the Dribuild Stand.

Many thanks Jamie.

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