Supporters Club statement on MK Dons fixture

March 2, 2018

The Supporters Club feel it necessary to comment on the position MK Dons have adopted regarding the fixture with Bristol Rovers tomorrow. Despite representation from various departments of our football club, MK Dons have maintained that the pitch and the stadium surrounds are safe for the expected spectators, and the match is going ahead. However, we also note that their official site is now appealing for people to turn up at 9.30 on Saturday to clear snow.

The Dons are aware that the Police and Highways Agency have warned people in Bristol and the South-West not to drive. They are also aware that there is no public transport in Bristol because of what the BBC have called the worst weather event for a generation. They are also aware that our stadium is also closed until further notice. Yet they expect the players, staff and supporters of Bristol Rovers to travel against best advice, first locally to pick-up points, and then onwards to Buckinghamshire. This, we feel, shows a complete disregard for the safety and well being of our squad, staff and supporters.

Despite this, and in consultation with Eagle Coaches, we will attempt to run our two coaches tomorrow assuming the match is still on after the snow which is now falling in Milton Keynes. They will pick-up in the Kingsway and Filton Avenue as arranged.

A number of fans have contacted the SC Travel Organiser to ask about refunds of travel as they are unable to get to the pick-up points. If the match goes ahead and our coaches run then the answer would be no. However we will discuss this matter at our meeting on Tuesday of next week and will put out another statement then. Please keep your complete travel ticket if you decide not to travel.

BRSC is also disappointed in the lack of leadership from the EFL. We believe the matter is so serious that all matches this weekend should have been called off.

Phil Draper



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