Last Home Tickets Sold from 199

April 27, 2018

Bristol Rovers Supporters will have their last ever chance to purchase Home Match Tickets from the Bristol Rovers Supporters Club Shop in Kingswood.

Early Birds for Gillingham are on sale until 5pm today and Match day prices between 9am till 1 pm tomorrow.

It will mark the end of Bristol Rovers tickets sales from 199 Two Mile Hill Road shop. For more than 30 years, Bristol Rovers have had a presence in their Kingswood & East Bristol heartland. The building was first purchased by the Football Club after Rovers departed from Eastville and the Club played at Twerton Park, Bath. All the Football Club office administration was run from above the shop. When the Football Club moved to Offices at Fry’s next to the training ground in Keynsham, the Supporters Club purchased the building from the Football Club after selling the Supporters Club Shop on Stapleton Road, Eastville.  For the last 25 years the Supporters Club have continued selling Tickets and Merchandise on behalf of the Football Club from this outlet, as well as operating all their other BRSC activities. The staff at ‘199’ would like to thank the many Supporters who have come into the shop in the last few months expressing their appreciation and view on how much it will be missed.

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