Formal Notice of our AGM

May 17, 2018


                                                        BRISTOL ROVERS SUPPORTERS CLUB

President: Marquess of Worcester

                                     OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

Chairman: Mr J. Chappell

Vice Chairman: Mr P. Draper

Secretary: Mr D. Thomas

Treasurer: Mrs S. Williams

Supporters Directors to BRFC: Mr K. Masters

Executive Committee:  Mrs J. Wooster Mrs H. Wigmore Mrs S Parsons

Mr N. Hodgson and Miss L Hawkins


The Memorial Stadium, Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0BF.



1. Election of 2 Tellers (if required)

2. Adoption of minutes of preceding AGM

3. Matters arising from Minutes of the preceding AGM (unless covered elsewhere)

4. Questions and adoption of Chairman’s Report

5. Questions and adoption of Financial Report

6. Questions and adoption of Directors’ Reports

7. Election of Members to the Committee

8. Amendment of Club Rules and Constitution (if any)

9. To consider Membership Fee

10. Any other Business

11. Result of elections (if any)

12. Close of AGM

Written reports can be viewed on the BRSC website and paper copies can be obtained from BRSC, The Memorial Stadium Filton Avenue Horfield Bristol BS7 0BF from 1st September 2018 and the Financial Report from 25th September 2018. Please note that if you require copies sent to you in the post this will only be done upon receipt of a written request together with a Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope.

Appendix 1

In accordance with rule 5.3 the following posts are to be advertised. All these nominations have been checked and are in accordance with BRSC rules.

BRSC Secretary – Mr D Thomas

Executive Committee – Miss L. Hawkins

The following members were elected under the previous constitution at the 2017 Annual Meeting:

BRSC Chair – Mr J Chappell

BRSC Secretary – Mrs S Williams

Executive Committee Members: Mr P Draper. Mrs H Wigmore, Mrs J Wooster, Mrs S Parsons and Mr N Hodgson

The following resigned:

Mr D. Parsons

The following applied but were unsuccessful:


Jim Chappell, Chairman

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