Plymouth 50/50 details: did you buy ticket no 079627

September 12, 2018

Saturday’s 50/50 draw was won by Mary Fudge-Curran from Cornwall with ticket numbered 079735. Mary, who bought her ticket from Mel Dry in the stadium bars or at the Memorial Gates is £900 richer. She is a not a Plymouth Argyle supporter but part of the team that supplies our pasties.

The second prize of £100 was won by ticket numbered 079627 and has so far been unclaimed. This ticket was also sold by Mel Dry. This prize can be claimed from our Matchday cabin in the car park on any match day within the next six weeks.

The third prize of £50 was won by Dave Woodland from Radstock with ticket numbered 079620. Dave also bought his ticket from Mel.


This is the first time all three winning tickets were sold by the same seller despite the winning tickets being drawn out by different Gloucestershire cricketers.

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