Any aspring journos out there wanting to help Darlington out?

Nov 26, 2020 | News

I’m David Steel, a Director of the Darlington FC Supporter’s Group (DFCSG), the majority shareholder of Darlington FC.

I’m also responsible for what will be very shortly the new ‘Content’ section of our YOURCLUB platform, the ‘fan services’ website that DFCSG created and launched recently for fans and fan Owners of DFC:

I’m wondering if you know of anyone within the BRFC fan base that would be interested in writing a personal perspective/fanzine-style piece on what Darlo fans should expect to see by way of Bristol Rovers on Sunday for YOURCLUB? A kind of ‘how the season is going…key players to watch out for…what they think will happen on Sunday, etc” type of piece?

Appreciate it is short notice and we’d probably need something by Friday/Saturday morning (at latest) to make it worthwhile, but fans are always interested in these types of pieces from opposition team’s fans and – as you’ll probably already be aware – there is a lot of anticipation around this tie for us as a fan-owned club in the 2nd round of the FA Cup!

If you can point me towards anyone in particular or want to forward this mail on to anyone you have in mind (asking them to reach out to me directly), I’d be very grateful and would be happy to return the favour one day.