Bristol Rovers tribute to Geoff Dunford

Oct 27, 2017 | News

As we have previously announced, we will be paying tribute to our former Chairman Geoff Dunford prior to, and during, our match against MK Dons and we thought that supporters would appreciate a timetable of the format those tributes will take in the build-up to the match.

The tributes begin at 2.40pm when there will be a 12/15 minute pre-recorded tribute played over the PA System, using audio tributes from supporters, Ian Holloway, Gerry Francis and other VIP’s.

At 2.53pm the teams and match officials will enter the pitch and line up in front of the Lancer Scott Stand.

At 2.54pm the club’s current owners, Chairman, Directors and club dignitaries will form a guard of honour in front of the tunnel and then members of Geoff’s immediate family will enter the pitch through the guard of honour and walk towards the teams.

The players will shake hands, break away to their half of the pitch and the referee will gather the team captains for the coin toss, photos, etc.

At 2.56pm the family will be escorted to the centre circle and both teams and match officials will then gather at the centre circle.

At 2.57pm Nick Day will offer some words of tribute and at 2.58pm the referee will blow his whistle to signal the start of a one minute’s applause.

The family will then leave the pitch and the game will kick off at the scheduled time of 3.00pm

At 3.30pm there will be a one minute’s applause to commemorate Geoff’s 30 years’ service to Bristol Rovers