Cap Sponsorship

Aug 7, 2022 | News

Thanks to all supporters who have already taken out a sponsorship of a cap of one of the members of the Watney Cup squad, and to those who have expressed an interest in sponsoring other players at a future date.

For now, though, we are concentrating on the members of the Watney Cup squad, who lifted the trophy fifty years ago when they beat Sheffield United 7-6 in a penalty shootout at Eastville.

If you have considered sponsoring a cap for any member of that squad, it’s not too late; you have until 23rd August to confirm your sponsorship.

Although only 12 players featured in the three Watney Cup fixtures 50 years ago, all members of the squad appeared in the Football League for Rovers and are therefore eligible to receive a cap under this unique initiative devised by Bristol Rovers Supporters Club.

We will be reminding you, quite often, who is available for sponsorship, and remember that there is no exclusivity in this; there is no limit to how many supporters can sponsor one player and the cost is £50 for Supporters Club members and £60 for non members.

If you are interested, please contact the Supporters Club secretary with the name of the player you would like to sponsor and you will then be sent details of how to pay for your sponsorship. Contact details are as follows;

Here’s a reminder of four members of that squad.

Rovers’ record appearance maker, Stuart Taylor, was also in the Watney Cup side. He had made his Rovers league debut on 26th April 1966 in a game against Workington (debut number 386) and went on to score 28 goals in 546 league games for the club.

Stuart passed away in October 2019 and his cap will be presented to his family.

Another defender, Lindsay Parsons, represented Rovers in the final. His Rovers debut was against Notts County on 18th April 1964 (debut number 375), the first of 360 league games for the club.

Lindsay passed away in April 2019 and his cap will be presented to his family.

Midfielder Frankie Prince scored one of the two goals that enabled Rovers to beat Burnley 2-0 in the semi-final, to set up the meeting with Sheffield United. His debut, on 4th May 1968, was against Swindon Town (debut number 392) and he went on to score 22 goals in 362 league games for the club.

Kenny Stephens, who had been a team mate of Dick Sheppard at West Bromwich Albion, made his Rovers league debut on 2nd January 1971 against Barnsley (debut number 409) and he scored 11 goals in 223 league appearances for Rovers.