Club statement: Racial abuse

Aug 14, 2017 | News

We are happy to re-produce the club statement made earlier this morning:

We pride ourselves on having some of the best supporters in the country, but sadly that reputation has been tarnished on the last two Saturday’s and we are very concerned that a very small minority of our so called fans are known to have directed racial abuse at players.

Everyone at the club is disappointed that racist comments have surfaced again after so much work has been undertaken, by this club and football in general, to stamp out what was once a major problem in the game.

The Club’s Safety Officer, Dave Parker, has issued the following statement with regard to the recent incidents, and we would be grateful if all supporters could take note.

“It is with regret that as the Safety Officer that I write this article.

“Sadly at Charlton there was an allegation made against one of our travelling fans relating to racist behaviour.

“At our first home match I received a couple of independent complaints concerning racist abuse. One stated that it was aimed at a Posh player and the other against one of our own players.

“I and my fellow Rovers colleagues, plus no doubt 99.9% of our brilliant supporters, are appalled by these incidents. Not only is it illegal and could cost us a points deduction and/or a fine, it does nothing to support our family club image.

“I know that emotions run high but it is not acceptable behaviour and does not set a good example to our Young Pirates.

“Please, if you witness any such incidents, I would ask you to report them immediately to me and my team via the email below.”

The Supporters Club utterly condemns this type of behaviour.