t’s that time of the year again when the Committee puts forward our nomination for Rovers’ ‘Goal of the Month’ at each of our scheduled meetings. Each monthly nomination then goes onto the list for you good people to vote for our ‘Goal of the Season’ award at the end of the campaign. It helps to introduce some light relief into what can be some lengthy evenings of hard discussion! It often results in a quite unanimous verdict, as it was at the end of last month when Ed Upson’s superb half-volley against Tranmere was just about the choice of everyone around the table. So Ed’s goal, his first nomination since joining us, is first on the list for 2019/20. Let’s hope the rest are as good!

At the same meeting we also decided on a provisional date for the Suppporters Club’s Annual general Meeting which we intend to take place on Thursday, October 31st. Confirmation of the date and further information will be made available in this column once the books are back from the auditor and the various reports have been prepared.

Jim Chappell.