DSA members awarded Priority Two status

Members of the club’s Disabled Supporters Association have been awarded Priority Two status, putting them on a par with Supporters Club members.

DSA Secretary Zoe Young Kirkby says, “The Club have been fantastic in their support of the BRFC DSA and I think awarding the DSA this status shows that. Again if anyone has any questions or queries please feel free to either message me on Facebook or email DSAbristolrovers@outlook.com Thanks!

“The Association plan to hold a number of informal Meet and Greets during Preseason and August. We decided it would be a good way for you to meet us and us to meet you. We will have membership forms if people want them, answer questions and gather information. Keep an eye out on social media where I’ll post when and where details.

“We will then host a formal meeting (Sept) whereby we will discuss our plans and initiatives in more detail. By the time of this meeting, we will all have attended a number of matches so we can discuss what has improved, what needs addressing and any ideas people have going forwards for the DSA”.

Bristol Rovers Supporters Club are proud to give the newly-formed DSA its unqualified support.