Following the resignation of Steve Lamble earlier this year the Supporters Club are now seeking a new Fans Director

Anyone wishing to stand for election must be a fully paid-up member of the Supporters Club and complete a Nomination Form

Any such Director(s) shall:

Under instruction of the EC, represent and uphold the interests of BRSC, BRSCSS and its membership and on the Board of Directors of BRFC.

Report their voting decisions and activities (where legally possible) to both the EC and in any    AGM.

Serve for a period ending at the 3rd AGM following the AGM at which they are elected.

Candidates seeking nomination for the appointment of Director on the Board of BRFC must do so in accordance with the provisions of Rule 5 and its constituent parts.

The EC shall inform BRFC of the elected persons within 7 days of the AGM.

The responsibilities of the Director(s) representing BRSC are set out below.


BRSC’s elected BRFC Director(s) role and responsibilities

The Director(s) representing BRSC on the Board of BRFC shall, subject to the Director’s overriding obligation to the board of BRFC,

At all times promote and uphold the objectives of BRSC

Ensure clear, effective and regular communication

  1. a) Establish the Director(s) position(s) as an active communication link between the supporters and the BRFC board of Directors.
  2. b) Work closely with each other and with the BRSC Committee and provide reports to the BRSC on an ongoing regular basis to the extent possible from time to time.


Please email in the first instance and a nomination form will be sent to you for completion.

Any person wishing to stand for election must be nominated and seconded by two current BRSC members. Any such nomination must be made to the Secretary by the end of the financial year, 30th June 2024

The positions shall be elected at the AGM by voting of all paid up members present at the meeting

Where an election is required the nominations together with election addresses shall be published on the SC Social Media channels and the SC website