Fans for Diversity

Apr 25, 2018 | News

What is Fans for Diversity?

The Fans for Diversity Campaign is a joint initiative that brings together the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF), a democratic organisation representing the rights of fans and arguing the views of supporters and Kick It Out, football’s equality and inclusion organisation, to raise awareness around all forms of diversity, working alongside supporters to celebrate how football can bring people together.

“Fans for Diversity inspired us to bring our community together”, Humayun Islam, Bangla Bantams.

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The FSF is the democratic body representing more than 500,000 individual and affiliated members across England and Wales, campaigning on countless issues including ticket prices and safe standing. In recent years the FSF has successfully lobbied the Premier League to cap away tickets at £30, secured 7,000 extra FA Cup final tickets for match-going fans and helped keep thousands of England and Wales fans at tournaments acroos the globe safe. Fans for Diversity is critical to key FSF goals including the promotion of diversity, the challenging of discrimination and ensuring football is open for all.

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They can fund your event

Kick It Out and the FSF are now looking for more events and activities to support through the “Fans for Diversity” fund, and are inviting supporters to put forward their own ideas for fan-led activities which promote diversity and stand against discrimination. Their events have been a huge success and this has been made possible by fans, clubs and communities coming together to make this happen. We want to empower fans to celebrate diversity and enhance the matchday experience for all.

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Contact Anwar Uddin, the FSF’s Diversity and Campaigns Manager, to find out more on how Fans for Diversity can assist you.

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