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Jan 3, 2021 | News

Hello Bristol Rovers Supporters’ Club,

The Football Facts World Team is inviting you to become involved with potentially the largest base of amazing, extraordinary, and surprising facts and stories from the world of football.

Our goal is not only to put together all the most legendary football stories from all over the world in one place and make them easily accessible but also to create a truly huge football community where people will interact with each other, and expand the common knowledge base to an incredible scale.

We decided to introduce our app to real football fans who are 100% devoted to this game and to their club, such as your fans in your Supporters Club. These fans know of all the most incredible and fascinating stories, not only about their club and national team but also about the world of football in general. With our app, every football fan has the opportunity, not only to learn a lot of new facts and read stories but also to share their stories with fans around the world.

Our team has already done a lot of work by developing a mobile app that provides access to an extensive base of football stories and facts anywhere and at any time. You can download and get acquainted with the app by using the following links:

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We really hope that our project will interest you and your fans. Your opinion is very important to us, so we will be very grateful for any feedback about our project. You can add any interesting stories and facts to the app using the “add facts” page . The best of the best stories and facts will be published on our social media pages.

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We will be grateful for any feedback on our app and for any suggestions for us to improve our service. Our goal is to make this project as convenient and interesting as possible for football fans like us from all over the world.

Thanks in advance,

The Football Facts World Team