Introducing Libby Bell

Jan 21, 2020 | Gas Girls, News

Libby Bell is not only the vice-captain of the Gas Girls but she is also their flying right winger and dead ball specialist.

Bristol Rovers Womens FC recently caught up with Libby for a chat about how things have been going.

GG: Libby, thanks for taking the time to chat to us! First of all, what’s your earliest memory of playing or watching football?

LB: My earliest memory of playing football is on a field outside my Grandparents house with my brother Ross. Loads of children from the neighbourhood would meet up and play a massive match! I was the only girl there and I was often picked last to be on a team because of this!

GG: Your family are all massive ‘Gasheads’. How did they feel when they found about the re-launched club and
your call up to the squad?

LB: My family, especially my Auntie couldn’t believe it! When I told them I made the squad and was lucky enough to become
vice captain they were so proud. The lap of honour at the start of the season when we were introduced to the fans was amazing for me and them. They were crying as I walked around to see them in the Thatchers End, it was a very special moment for us all!

GG: Every player we’ve spoken to has mentioned the positive atmosphere across the club. Do you agree and if so, why do you think that is?

LB: We have all become so close so fast! I think being social outside training and games has played a massive factor! After
game Nandos, our Halloween night out at ‘Fear’ and our Christmas Party last year have all been incredible ways to form a close bond! Everyone has each others backs and we’re second family to each other!

GG: It’s been a fantastic season so far, what are your thoughts on our progress to date?

LB: The season has gone better than I could ever have imagined. We have played some quality football but are always looking to better ourselves. In January we have some big plans on and off the pitch with theory sessions to help us understand the way Nathan and Mavis want the Gas Girls to play going forward. They are both a huge part of our success for the first half of the season. The amount of hours they put in you wouldn’t believe!

GG: And finally, what are your ambitions for yourself and for the club in the years to come?

LB: My ambition for myself is to work on fitness, speed and strength in the gym. I also want to continue putting 100% effort in to every training session and of course our games. That can never slip for me! For the team the only way is up, we will always remain humble as a grassroots football club no matter what league we strive to play in.