Ken’s Comments

Jan 4, 2018 | Ken's Comments, News

We have come a good way from the dark days of just three years ago. All of us in the Bristol Rovers family want us to move forward. Let us be clear; to do this we need to improve the amenities and facilities for all; supporters, players, staff and management. We have ambitions for at least Championship Football; we are the second biggest city in the South of England outside of London. We are big enough, we have a massive fan base and the potential has been there for all to see for a very long time. What is more and for our supporters not least, we must close the gap!

The support given to our football club over the past three years has been magnificent. Season ticket sales have been high and attendances have remained strong. Support on the road has been extraordinary. As we go into the New Year we remember and respect all of those of our Bristol Rovers family of the past, we enjoy the Bristol Rovers family of the present but we must keep up and we must leave a legacy for the Bristol Rovers family still to come.

A developed training ground to accommodate all that we do on the playing side is not just desirable it is essential. A stadium that befits our city and our region, one that is designed and built to 21st century standards and requirements, one that enables us to complete on a level playing field is just not desirable it is essential. We must work hard and work together to make the progress we all want and to close that gap.

Thank you for supporting Bristol Rovers Football Club. Your support is so very much appreciated.