Nick Anderton – a thank you

Sep 29, 2022 | News

It is now a while since we first asked for your help in raising as much money as possible for Nick’s Cap.

We are delighted to report that, due to your extreme genorosity, close to £800 has been raised so far and this sum will be passed to Nick at the end of the appeal.

If you haven’t contributed yet and wish to do so, there is till time; please see

As promised, a full of contributors is shown below and we thank each and every one of you for your extreme genorosity. If you have a made a contribution in the last few days your name will be added to the list in due course.

Allen, SE

Alsop, J

Baber, H

Ball, GE

Bell, MG

Bowles, J

Brindle, Gary

Bristol Rovers Former Players Association

Brookman, Keith

Brooks, CJ

Button, CM&LA

Ford, CA

Gibson, P

Gwyther, JM

Hiscox, CA&GB

Hook. JK

Hubbard, Rebecca

Jacobs, MH

Lamble, Steven

Marrs, Alison

McCready, C

Moore, Dave and Lindsay

Netcott, P

Pegram, Eric

Phippen IP

Pocock, S

Pullin, Katy

Rowe HW

Rowe, S

Smith, AK

Stone, S

Stubbs, D

Tanner, W

Thomas, David and Angela

Veal, Colin

Warren, R

Warren, TJ

Wigmore, Helen and Andy

Winkworth, S&N