Pauline Sage: One of Saturday’s heroes

Feb 26, 2018 | News

Pauline Sage was one of the heroes that helped saved the life of a Scunthorpe fan who collapsed in Filton Avenue after the game on Saturday.

Pauline says, “We did what we could. He had collapsed on the road , I was first to him as someone said he was fitting. I was checking his airway , put him in the recovery position , he then stopped breathing and was going blue , I checked his pulse and put him on his back. A man started giving CPR. I was checking his pulse, the Police helped , two ladies doing mouth to mouth and another lady, a nurse, was on hand. Four of us trained in CPR to take turns but one  man did it. The medics arrived , I gave them the relevant information and his son turned up. I explained what had happened.

“Initially we thought it was a fit as he may have hit his head when he fell, but then he arrested. Everyone worked together as a team and were truly amazing”.

Pauline doesn’t know the other Rovers fans that helped. She adds, “the only other person was Craig Hamilton who rang 999 when I shouted “someone call 999 now please”,  he gave all the relevant info that I relayed to him. The medics were on site not long after. The poor man was down for four minutes as the nurse was monitoring it before medics arrived. We still had no pulse then. The medics are the heroes too”.

When we said to her we hoped that the club honour her in some way Pauline responded, “Not just me all the people that helped. The man doing CPR, the 2 ladies etc. All heroes”.