Proud Sponsors

Aug 27, 2018 | News, Proud sponsors

We gave quite a comprehensive run-down in last Tuesday’s column on the amount of money that the Supporters Club handed-over during last season, most of it in support of Rovers’ Academy and Development Squads. This will continue along similar lines again this season, all going well and gates holding-up of course, so it’s over to the first team for that to happen. In addition to the money we also provide the Football Club with a small army of helpers who turn out in all winds and weather, every match-day, at no expense to the club apart from a match ticket.

Several of us don’t even have the chance to watch all the matches as we are working up to and beyond half-time on the 50/50 Draw and programme sales etc. Frankly it’s a pleasure for me, and a few others, to be able to get out and support the Under-18’s and Under-23’s, especially as we know that the efforts of ordinary dedicated Rovers’ fans are helping to make it all possible. There is no ‘sugar-daddy’ owner as most of you are aware so the club has, in the main, to carry on developing our own players and Rovers have been very good at it over many years.

We are pleased and proud to raise what funds we can but cannot do so without you good people continuing to buy the 50/50 tickets and in supporting all the other activities we get up to over time. We are always on the lookout for more volunteer sellers and helpers so if you are interested please call into our match-day cabin in the car park and see Phil Draper who will be pleased to take your details. Thank you to all of our volunteer helpers for the continuing support and contributions to the cause.

Our sellers and regular 50/50 ticket buyers will have seen that we now have three winning tickets draw out of the drum at half time. In addition to the top money prize and the second fixed prize of £100 we have introduced a third fixed prize of £50. This applies to all twenty-three home league games. Cup game prizes will be at the discretion of the committee and depending on the attendance at the respective game.

Accrington 50/50 Winners:

£1050 Ticket Number 65449 held by Nick Brain sold by Dave Hewitt in the bars.

£100 Ticket Number 75123 held by (unclaimed) sold by Sue Dry at the Memorial Gate

£50 Ticket Number 76044 held by Donna Jefferies sold by Dave Hewitt in the bars.

Crawley 50/50 Winner

£350 Ticket Number 72965 held by Jon Blight sold by Ray Exon in the car park.