Another successful Quiz Night was held nine days ago which raised a sum of £68 for our Academy.
A total of tens teams entered answering questions on a wide range of topics: General Knowledge, Somerset, Sport & Leisure, Ghosts ghouls & witches, Famous paintings, TV, Music, Utter trivia and a picture round.
Going into the last round the Committee of Public Safety and the Also Rans were tied for first place and in a thrilling finish the Committee eventually triumphed by a single point.
A charity collection was held in aid of the Bristol Childrens Hospitals’ Grand Appeal by Shawna Hannam, the Gas Girls goalie. who is carrying out a skydive at 15,000 feet in July for the charity. The collection raised an astonishing £110 with both winning quiz teams donating their winnings. Thanks to everyone who donated for their extreme generosity.