Shrewsbury On The Road

Mar 28, 2017 | Highlights, News


A cursory glance at the league tables might suggest that Shrewsbury Town will not be too severe a test.

However, statistics can be deceptive and their away record is W-3, D-6, L-11, GS-19, GC-32.

This is not much different from Bristol Rovers away record of W-4, D-6, L-10, GS-22, GC-37.

In their last 10 Away league matches Shrewsbury Town have scored precisely ONE GOAL per game.

They have won twice 1-0, drawn 1-1 on three occasions and lost 2-1 five times. Scunthorpe United and Millwall FC were the beaten teams.

So on Saturday April 1st 2017 they can be expected to score so Bristol Rovers will probably need to score two goals to win.

You can view the highlights of the two Shrewsbury Town victories below.