The Mem hit by storm damage

Mar 6, 2018 | News

Maintenance staff and contractors were on site at The Memorial Stadium yesterday and today after a significant amount of damage was caused to the kitchen in the Poplar Stand, as well as the toilets and offices below.

Fifteen burst pipes, in the space above the kitchen area, caused the problems and staff were faced with flooded offices when returning to work after the weekend.

The kitchen will be fully functional for Saturday’s match against Northampton Town, though catering staff will work under a temporary ceiling. Fortunately it is not thought that the ovens have been affected so those who have booked hospitality will still be served hot food.

Office staff are seeing their work spaces being dried out and are coping with the presence of a great number of dehumidifiers.

Unfortunately, some toilets will remain out of order on Saturday, but temporary ones are being installed behind the Poplar Stand.

All other areas of the Memorial Stadium remain unaffected.