The thoughts of Joey Barton

Apr 25, 2019 | News

“They are a good physical side. When we went down there earlier in the season, it was a good contest for the lads. It was a good, honest, physical contest and I expect it will be the same again on Saturday. They have had a great run of form since the new manager has come in, they have managed to get themselves away from the drop zone and put themselves into relatively safe position with a couple of games to go.

“During the second half of the season I think they were averaging two points per game at one point, so it is an enormous credit to Graham and the coaching staff down there because they took over a club that was in a tight bind and managed to get a really good tune out of some of the boys there.

“It is a huge credit to them for doing that and, as I say, we know how difficult the game will be for us on