Tomorrow is Community Day at the Mem

Mar 9, 2018 | Community News, News


This Saturday, the Bristol Rovers Community Trust will be showcasing the work that they do throughout the day as we celebrate our annual community day.

The Community Trust engages with a thousand people every week in the community and we are inviting some of the participants from our various programmes and projects, to enjoy the match on Saturday.

Community Trust CEO, Adam Tutton said “It’s a celebration of all the community work we do throughout the year and an opportunity for people that are involved with our groups to come on to the pitch and talk about what they do before parading around at half time”

“We’ll have representatives from our over 60’s, our disabled groups, and our primary and secondary school’s groups. Also, in the morning we’re running a social inclusion football match at Horfield with our Somali youth team – it should be a really, really good day”

As the charitable arm of the club, the main focus for the trust is social inclusion for all ages, education and sport participation. The trust engage with children from the age of 5 through the Premier League Primary Stars programme which is aimed to encourage children to keep active and assist with their literacy and numeracy skills. At the other end of the scale, the ‘Extra Time’ club is our over 60’s social club which runs every Tuesday morning where our attendees take part in light physical activities, sightseeing trips and social opportunities.

One of the main aspects of the Trust is the education programme. “We’re involved in running a level three BTEC in sport, which we’ve been doing for six years. We were one of the pilot clubs involved in the project with the Football League, and any boys aged 16 to 18 who are perhaps interested in pursuing a career in sport can come along. We have a state of the art classroom here at the Mem, and it’s a great way into university or further education. And there have been plenty of success stories since the launch of the education programme. Many of our former students are now working in the sports industry which is something we are incredibly proud of.”

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