Tonight At The Mem

Apr 26, 2017 | Fans, News

Are you interested in actively supporting a Bristol Rovers Disabled Supporters Association?

You are invited to a Disabled Supporters Association consultation meeting at Bristol’s Memorial Stadium.

This meeting will be co-hosted by BRFC and BRSC to consider forming a Disabled Supporters Association.

WHERE? – The Guinness Suite at The Memorial Stadium, Bristol.

WHEN? – Wednesday 26th April 2017.

WHAT TIME? – 7 pm onwards.

If you are a disabled spectator or companion, have a relation who would like to be a disabled spectator or are just curious, please do come along to the meeting. You will be very welcome.

Present will be:

Steve Hamer, BRFC Chairman.

Dave Parker, BRFC Safety Officer.

Sam Parsons, BRSC Disability Representative.

Daryl Parsons, BRSC Disability Representative.

Kieran Reynolds, Level Playing Field.

David Munn, Yeovil DSA.

Chris Summersell Level Playing Field.


  1. Welcome and Introductions – (Sam Parsons/Dave Parker/Steve Hamer)
  2. Aim Of The Meeting – (Sam Parsons/Dave Parker)
  3. What is a DSA? – (Kieran Reynolds)
  4. Yeovil Town DSA – (David Munn)
  5. SWDFEF – (David Munn)
  6. Discussion – (Kieran Reynolds)
  7. BRFC Uupdate – (Dave Parker) 
  8. Next Steps – (Sam Parsons/Dave Parker/Kieran Reynolds)