An evening with Anwar Uddin

Apr 8, 2018 | Community News, News

Football is for everyone. It is universal, widespread, played and enjoyed by millions of people all around the globe and above all else it is a force for good; disappointingly there are still problems to overcome. Bristol Rovers Supporters Club stands firm with the “Kick It Out” campaign and supports diversity at every level.

Former Bristol Rovers player and fan’s favourite Anwar Uddin now works as Diversity & Campaigns Manager at “The Football Supporters’ Federation”. Anwar does a great job all around the country networking and spreading the message. Anwar has many friends and colleagues who support him with his work to make football and the world a much better place.

Anwar has been in communication with me through the Bristol Rovers Community Trust and we have talked about an evening for our supporters with him at the Memorial Stadium later in the season. BRCT, BRSC and the parent Football Club see this as a great opportunity for a presentation and forum on the subjects of diversity and “Kick It Out”. Thursday April 19th has been added to the diary and we are working to make this a very successful evening for our supporters and the “Kick It Out” campaign.

Anwar is working with his colleagues to make sure we have a really good night in his company. It will be great to see Anwar back at Bristol Rovers and he will be warmly greeted and received. The evening will start with a presentation of around 45 minutes about his work and the evening will be opened up with a Q&A forum on the subject of diversity. Anwar will fund hospitality for the all with a food buffet and drinks. Please look out for more information as our preparations for the evening make progress.

We very much look forward to as many Bristol Rovers people as possible supporting the evening to enjoy the company of Anwar Uddin and to demonstrate our solidarity to the cause.