Bid on the Side

Apr 9, 2018 | Bid on the Side, News

Today we have a couple of leisurewear items.


This T-Shirt is dark grey with BRFC emblazoned across the front. It is size Medium and is in very good condition.

ITEM TWO: Pirate logo T-Shirt.

Next we have an XL shirt that is lighter grey and has our Pirate logo and the sponsops’ name top right as you look at it. Once again it is in very good condition.

These items have been auctioned on Ebay since Thursday, 29th March and will be available for ten days. The minimum price is just 99p and the highest bidder wins.

A link to these auctions will be found at

If any other Rovers fans have any rare or interesting Rovrs related items that they would be happy to donate, please pass the items(s) on to 199 Two Mile Hill Road, or pop into our Matchday Shop in the car park by the Dribuild Stand.