Bristol Rovers Supporters Club are delighted to announce that their sponsorship of Bristol Rovers Womens’ FC, aka the Gas Girls, has been extended into a third season and this season, like last season, has seen us contribute £8,000 to the Girls.

Seeing the first team promoted after a years’ Covid delay in just the clubs’ second season in existence was just reward for the amount of hard work that has been put in. It has been a pleasure watching the club grow not just on the pitch but off it too with huge strides being taken in growing the “community” side of the club. The fact that some girls only access to playing football is thanks to our funding gives us an immense feeling of pride.

There have been many high spots in the last year, with the Bristol Pride and #HerGameToo away shirts receiving widespread acclaim and the girls magnificent response to the pandemic underlining the Community Trust’s values, being a couple of the highlights.

Matthew Mavis Davies of Bristol Rovers Womens’ FC says: “The support that we receive from Bristol Rovers Supporters Club makes an enormous difference to the women and girls within our community. The partnership continues to help us fund free sessions for young girls within our locality, offering some participants the only opportunity they have, to play football. Community, education, participation and performance is at the heart of what the ‘Gas Girls’ is all about and we can’t thank the Supporters Club enough for their amazing support, understanding and engaging with our values.”

We are excited to be involved for a third year and can’t wait to see what the next 12 months brings.